Modern and Mobile


  • Interactive and fully configurable charts


  • Multi-well capability


  • Configurable Unit System


  • Re-imagined for touch

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Design for mobile devices


Recognising the rise of mobile devices to surpass desktop as the world’s prominent platform for computing, TallyBook capitalises on the flexibility and convenience of the tablets and smartphones it is available on, making possible to access your data at any time and in any location. This means you can always stay on top of your drilling operations, even while you’re on the go.


From a compressive set of charts to a whole range of line types, scales and colours Tallybook’s flexible chart configuration mean you can bring up insights with the touch of a button or the press of a finger. The whole process is also highly interactive, and features such as panning and zooming are designed to be easy, letting you get to the precise point of information you desire.


Regardless of the number of wells you are overseeing at the same time, TallyBook has the ability to simplify your workflow and provide visuals which can better highlight performance and areas in which you can reduce costs.


Tallybook also provides a powerful and flexible way to import data from CSV files, making possible to visualise drilling data from different wells even if this data is not coming from the same vendor (e.g. Multiple mud logging companies).

Key Operational Insights

Identify the root cause of non-productive time


  • Automatic detection and recognition of drilling operations


  • Pipe connection analysis

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Performance is key


Optimised performance is at the forefront of all the design elements associated with TallyBook, from time base data logs which are fully configurable to automated drilling operations identification. The app is able to benchmark pipe connection operations highlighting non-productive time, giving you the key to improving operational performance. It all comes back to providing unbeatable business benefits that can make a huge difference to the efficiency of your drilling operations.


Drilling efficiency Optimisation

Increase Productivity & Reduce Costs


  • Mechanical Specific Energy (MSE) optimisation


  • Fully configurable cross-plot charts

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MSE Optimisation


For optimum drilling efficiency, the objective is to minimize the mechanical specific energy (MSE) and to maximize the rate of penetration (ROP). TallyBook MSE / ROP data analysis module together with its fully configurable cross-plot charts, helps drilling engineers gain a better understanding of the bit performance.